After using it for only one week, I noticed that my hair began to look fuller and healthier. After a couple of weeks, people began asking me what I was doing because my hair was looking so much better. I have to give a talk once a week in front of a church and the female parishioners began to question as to where they could get what I was using.

– TJ

My hair has never looked better. I thought all my natural curl had gone away because I had been dying my hair for years. Then I started using Regrow Naturally and after about three weeks, the natural curl began to return. Today, three months later, all my curls are back and my hair is healthy and full again.

– BM

I had Psoriasis and started using it to bring some relief to my facial skin and head. After about 5 ½ weeks I noticed that while I was feeling better, the condition was slowly receding. After four and a half months, 82% is gone. I am really happy with that.

– EA

I used it for about a month and set it aside and forgot about it. I went in three months later for a hair cut and my stylist said that I was sprouting a new drop of hair at the roots.

– SN

From a hair stylist who had breast cancer and lost her hair:  I began rubbing it on my head and it brought so much relief. I am on my second bottle and my new hair regrowth enhancement is nice. It just feels good on my skin. That is all I use for a body lotion now.

– PM

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